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Virtual Divorce Mediation: a Good Idea?

You want a divorce and think virtual divorce mediation might be the best choice. Sometimes in-person meetings aren’t feasible or the better alternative. In the midst of this COVID-19 lockdown, you may have heard a good deal about virtual meetings, classrooms, etc. Let’s look at when and how they might be best applied to a mediation.

Reasons for Using Virtual Divorce Mediation

You probably already know why mediation might be the best path for your divorce—cost, dignity, privacy, control, sheltering the children, reduced toxicity, and duration of the process. Here are some reasons you might want to consider a virtual divorce mediation:

  • Mediating online is fast—you can get started right away
  • You don’t have to sit together or be in the same location as your spouse
  • All you need is a smart phone, tablet, or computer with a camera and an internet connection
  • No travel = time savings
  • Documents can be electronically signed
  • Wider choice of qualified mediators

Zoom Mediations

Do you lose anything by not meeting in person with your mediator? Not necessarily. We find that couples quickly adapt to virtual meetings and realize how convenient they are. Zoom is our preferred web-conferencing software as it’s super easy to use, costs nothing for participants, and uses encryption to maintain privacy and security.  Zoom allows break-outs, too, that facilitate one-on-one conversations with either spouse when necessary, just as if we met in-person.

Rushing to divorce during the COVID-19 crisis might not be prudent (read Nine Reasons You DON’T Want to Get a Divorce (YET)). If you’re ready to start the process, though, schedule a free consultation to explore whether a Zoom mediation might be a good choice.

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