Divorce Mediation in Columbia

Howard County, Maryland
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TruNorth Mediation

TruNorth Mediation – Columbia, MD

Address: 6700 Alexander Bell Dr #200

Columbia, MD 21046

Phone: 484.321.6990

TruNorth Mediation provides mediation services in Howard County, Maryland at its Columbia office with CDFA’s who are divorce financial experts and coaches. You’ll be assured of an optimal settlement that takes into consideration accurate valuations on properties, businesses owned, pensions, retirement accounts, and stock options. We look at taxes, asset growth, risk, and both short and long-term implications on both spouses’ financial health. TruNorth provides forensics when necessary and separate property tracing when applicable. Add to that that our mediators are also certified as divorce coaches and you get the guidance you need to deal with emotional, practical, and financial considerations. 100% legally compliant.

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