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You need stability, security, and serenity as you enter into this next chapter of your life. At TruNorth Divorce, we are intent on building better futures, not just executing a better divorce. 

We don’t just know to properly process your divorce, founder Berni Stevens is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® who has also been professionally trained as a divorce coach. When you work with her you’ll get one expert, a single point of contact, who is able to handle all aspects of your divorce: child support and alimony, division of property, parenting plans, and divorce processing.

A CDFA® is Best Qualified to Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals in Divorce

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®) is professional who goes through an intensive training program to become skilled in analyzing and providing expertise related to the financial issues of divorce. A CDFA® may act as a consultant and advocate for one party in a divorce or as a financial neutral who provides services to both parties.

A CDFA®-Mediator is a trained mediator who has obtained training and certification as a CDFA®. She conducts sophisticated and thorough financial analysis to produce alternative settlement scenarios to best meet the goals and objectives of the two parties. She may also be trained as a divorce coach who can guide you in developing an effective parenting plan that meets the needs of the entire family and ensures happiness and security for the children.


From Our Founder

Take Control of Your Future

Divorce is hard no matter what your circumstances. I’ve been there. Whether you have young or adult children or none at all, married 3 or 30 years, it’s a trying time. During periods of high stress it’s natural to feel overwhelmed, but with the right information and support you can make sound choices that you won’t regret ten years from now. With TruNorth Divorce Solutions, you’ll get the expert divorce guidance you need to begin building your best future life.

Read Berni’s bio here.

In How Many Ways Can We Help Optimize YOUR Financial Future?

Child Support and Alimony

Child support is based on your state’s formulas, but it’s not as straight-forward as you may think. Are you sure your accounting for all available income and covering all your children’s needs?  

Alimony, too, is largely discretionary and causes significant angst to both the payor and payee. What is the right amount? What about an alimony buyout?

Learn more here.



Marital Home

One of you wants to keep the marital home but can’t afford it or refinance.

Retirement Savings

What’s the most efficient way to divide retirement savings? Will you need a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO)?


Two seemingly equivalent assets may not be alike. Ensure your settlement considers tax implications.

Risk Management

How can you best plan for the possiblity of future disability, death, or bankruptcy and the impact it may have on you or your children?

College Funding

College costs can be affected by your divorce settlement. Minimize them now while you have the chance. Even if your state doesn’t obligate parents to fund college expenses, you can build it into a mediated settlement agreement.

Pension Valuation

Most divorce attorneys can’t  correctly value pensions and instead rely on valuations by outside experts whose costs will be passed onto you. We regularly value corporate, military, and government pensions and can include the valuation in our fixed fee.

Financial Projections

Evaluate how various settlement options will affect your financial health one, five, ten, twenty years from now.

Owned Businesses and Rental Properties

Value your businesses accurately without spending a fortune.

Stock Options and Restricted Stock Units

Properly value and divide your stock options and RSU’s to ensure fairness in the division of assets. How can these be divided to minimize taxes and risk?


Hidden Assets

Are there assets you’re not aware of? Make sure these are taken into account.

Cash Flow and Budgeting

Understand how your settlement will affect your standard of living and ability to pay your bills.

Trusted and Respected

Client Reviews

Cindy HCindy H
18:39 08 Jun 23
Bernie did a great job creating a mutually beneficial settlement. She is a fair, patient, and impartial. Highly recommend.
Matt FordMatt Ford
17:22 08 Jun 23
Berni was a wonderful resource as I/we navigated a difficult time in our lives. She worked with us with compassion and understanding and projected a calm presence. If you are in need of help going through a divorce or mediation, I would highly recommend working with her and her team.
Stephanie WhiteStephanie White
02:41 19 May 23
If you’re concerned about your financial future, working with Berni and TruNorth Divorce will soothe your anxiety and give you confidence that things are going to be alright.
Barbara WhiteBarbara White
16:02 18 May 23
Working with TruNorth Divorce and Berni will make your divorce a much better experience than it might be otherwise. She is a true professional.
Jeff NelliganJeff Nelligan
17:45 16 May 23
If you’re facing divorce, I highly recommend that you work with Berni Stevens and TruNorth Divorce. She really knows divorce finance and makes the process understandable to her clients. She sure did with me. The best part is she's an old-school professional - courteous, diligent, and effective.

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