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Post-Divorce Transitioning

There are financial, administrative, and emotional issues to be dealt with post-divorce.  At TruNorth Divorce Solutions we assist our clients with life after divorce to ensure they are taking care of critical tasks, e.g., changing beneficiaries and executing QDRO’s, as well as creating a vision for their future, setting budgets and financial goals, and more.

Ending a marriage is always difficult, but you don’t have to be financially or emotionally overwhelmed. Working with financial experts who understand you and your family can help you work towards financial freedom.  Get the support you need today to live your best life post-divorce!

Post Divorce Transitioning

Your Step-By-Step Post Divorce Plan

Finding the right support for your unique situation can make all the difference in how your new life begins post-divorce. During your divorce transition planning

We’ll help you:

  • Make sure you understand your new normal. We will create a simple, dynamic strategy that you can understand.
  • Assist with consolidating assets and updating the registrations and beneficiaries.
  • Provide investment advice and management.
  • Make sure everything and everyone is working together so you can strive for financial independence.
  • Help create an estate plan so you know your assets will go to who you want when you want.
  • We utilize dynamic software to move forward with confidence and provide clarity on what is important to you.
  • Much more…

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

A TruNorth Mediation isn’t the same as most mediations. We bring financial, practical, and emotional coaching expertise to each mediation to create optimal agreements, utilizing sophisticated financial analysis tools and creative problem-solving. As such, while our mediators are not lawyers, they are well-versed in divorce and family law and your legal papers will be prepared by a legal professional to be filed with the court.


TRUNORTH MEDIATION clients who were "extremely"` or "VERY SATISFIED" past 12 months

Our work with TruNorth Mediation was smooth and quick. Our finances were rather complicated–a pension, restricted stock units, education accounts, child support, alimony, and a mortgage agreement–and we were pleased with the accuracy, thoroughness and creativity that came from their analyses and settlement options.

Richard D.

We couldn’t have gotten through the process without Berni’s knowledgeable and patient guidance. It was a real pleasure working with her and she really knows her stuff!

Dana P.

Berni was so supportive throughout the process. Our divorce and mediation were tangled by a good deal of turmoil and emotional distress, but Berni kept us focused, hopeful, and moving forward until we could come to agreements about our finances and the kids. You won’t be disappointed with TruNorth Mediation!

Sarah M.

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