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Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Law is a specific kind of collaborative divorce, involving a lawyer for each party and, at a minimum, a financial neutral and mental health practitioner. Couples must sign an agreement that if the process fails, they will not use any of the professionals with whom they have been working to further process the divorce.

At TruNorth Divorce Solutions, while we firmly believe in a team approach to divorce to address the legal, emotional, financial, and parenting aspects of divorce, we see the team as custom to your situation and quite flexible. You choose to work with just the professionals who are most needed for your situation and there is no formal agreement regarding who you may work with if the divorce is not proceeding as desired and you want to change your approach. TruNorth Divorce is a member of Vesta Divorce to provide education and access to the very best professionals in your area to assist in your divorce.

Collaborative Divorce

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Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

A CDFA® is one who specializes in the financial issues surrounding divorce. A CDFA® uses knowledge of tax law, asset distribution, and short- and long-term financial planning to achieve an equitable settlement that optimizes outcomes for her clients. Learn More

Divorce Coach

A divorce coach has received specialized training in assisting individuals and couples to move through their divorce in a way that respects the individual, preserves dignity and is true to one’s core values.

Get better results and save money by using a divorce coach CDFA-Mediator with TruNorth divorce mediation to handle your divorce.

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A TruNorth Mediation isn’t the same as most mediations. We bring financial, practical, and emotional coaching expertise to each mediation to create optimal agreements, utilizing sophisticated financial analysis tools and creative problem-solving. As such, while our mediators are not lawyers, they are well-versed in divorce and family law and your legal papers will be prepared by a legal professional to be filed with the court.


TRUNORTH MEDIATION clients who were "extremely"` or "VERY SATISFIED" past 12 months

Our work with TruNorth Mediation was smooth and quick. Our finances were rather complicated–a pension, restricted stock units, education accounts, child support, alimony, and a mortgage agreement–and we were pleased with the accuracy, thoroughness and creativity that came from their analyses and settlement options.

Richard D.

We couldn’t have gotten through the process without Berni’s knowledgeable and patient guidance. It was a real pleasure working with her and she really knows her stuff!

Dana P.

Berni was so supportive throughout the process. Our divorce and mediation were tangled by a good deal of turmoil and emotional distress, but Berni kept us focused, hopeful, and moving forward until we could come to agreements about our finances and the kids. You won’t be disappointed with TruNorth Mediation!

Sarah M.

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