Qualified and experienced in all divorce financial matters

attorney and litigation support

better case outcomes

Berni Stevens can take care of the detailed financial work for divorce attorneys and their clients, making case preparation easier and laying the groundwork for better property settlements. 

Berni can work behind the scenes or join the team as a divorce financial expert, developing creative solutions, identifying tax consequences, providing proper valuations of all assets, and assessing both short- and long-term implications of alternative settlement scenarios.

When your case needs a pension valuation, support for a financially inexperienced client, or valuation of stock options, you can count on Berni and TruNorth Divorce Solutions to fill that need so you can focus on what you do best.

Attorney and Litigation Support

Achieve a Better Divorce for Both Attorney and Client

Attorney Support

Qualified and experienced in all financial matters, TruNorth Divorce Solutions provides clients with comprehensive, well-documented reports. We are respected advocates of our conclusions and deliver expert testimony in depositions and trials.

Among the services we provide to attorneys:

  • Separate property tracing
  • Valuation of closely-held businesses
  • Pension valuation
  • Executive compensation valuation
  • Creative strategies for the marital home
  • Evaluation of alternative property settlement options on taxes, cash flow, and net worth projections
  • Identification and separation of marital, non-marital, and commingled funds
  • Asset tracing and identification of missing assets
  • Assistance in preparation for deposition and trial
  • Mediation and assistance in settlement negotiations
  • Expert witness testimony

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