Expert divorce guidance

Your Personal Divorce Coach & Advocate

 Are you feeling uncertain, confused, and anxious about your future?

Do you need an ally? A divorce guide? Someone who really gets divorce and has the skills to make sure you get the settlement you deserve?

We provide divorce coaching and financial advocacy to help you obtain your best outcome.

Our experienced team has guided others just like you through this difficult process.

We Can Help You!

Divorce coaching and strategy planning

 We meet with you to understand your priorities, needs, and concerns and make recommendations on the best divorce process for you. While the divorce is underway, we’ll help you navigate how to communicate with your spouse as well as your attorney so that you can get the best outcomes possible at the least expense.

DIVORCE Financial planning

We’ll start by assisting you in getting organized, collecting necessary financial documents, taking steps to protect yourself financially once the divorce is underway. Then, as CDFA professionals, we’ll assess your current financial situation and identify options for asset division that take into account taxes, risk, and accurate valuations. We’ll also estimate alimony, an alimony buyout, and child support and help you envision and then plan for your future financial health. Finally, we’ll develop a tailored post-divorce checklist to ensure your settlement isn’t jeopardized by not tying up the loose ends.

practical and emotional supPort

This is not easy! There are so many decisions to be made that could affect your future for years. We’ll help you make rational decisions that you’ll feel good about five, ten, twenty years from now. We can help you tackle the difficult tasks ahead, both big and small while avoiding some of the big mistakes that can be overlooked. We’ll also be your champion, giving you the encouragement and support you’ll need. 

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