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TruNorth Divorce Solutions – Towson, MD

Address: 100 West Road, Suite 300

Towson, MD 21204

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TruNorth Divorce Solutions provides mediation, advocacy, and coaching services in Baltimore County, Maryland at its Towson office with CDFA’s who are divorce financial experts and coaches. You’ll be assured of an optimal settlement that takes into consideration accurate valuations on properties, businesses owned, pensions, retirement accounts, and stock options. We look at taxes, asset growth, risk, and both short and long-term implications on both spouses’ financial health. TruNorth Divorce provides forensics when necessary and separate property tracing when applicable. Add to that that our mediators and advocates are also certified as divorce coaches and you get the guidance you need to deal with emotional, practical, and financial considerations. 100% legally compliant.
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Divorce Property Division in Maryland

Divorce Property Division in Maryland

      Divorce is expensive even without mistakes. Read on to learn of the top eleven most common financial mistakes made in divorce.        1. Mis-Specifying Marital vs. Separate Assets   What’s considered marital property and subject to division?...

Should I Use Divorce Mediation in Maryland?

Should I Use Divorce Mediation in Maryland?

Once you’ve made the decision to go ahead and move forward with a divorce, the next step is deciding how you want to pursue a divorce settlement agreement. One of the questions that you might ask yourself is whether divorce mediation is the right choice for you here...

5 Interview Questions for a Divorce Mediator in Annapolis

5 Interview Questions for a Divorce Mediator in Annapolis

 So, you've decided to seek a mediation for your divorce, and you're exploring local options. With emotions running high, picking a divorce mediator in Annapolis can seem like a daunting task. The professional you decide to work with needs to hold a level of your...

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