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Family Lawyer

Should I Choose a Family Lawyer for My Divorce?

When you make the decision to get divorced, you might find yourself wondering how to even begin the process. Do you need to hire a family lawyer? Most of us have seen divorce portrayed in movie scenes with cutthroat attorneys arguing back and forth over the family...


Building Your Divorce Team: Role of the Therapist

the inaugural piece that launched the Divorce is Not for Sissies series of blogs, I shared with you that divorce is going to be a difficult and potentially traumatic event in your life, affecting every element of your being. So, how can you champion the divorce process to minimize its adverse consequences? 

6 Reasons Why You Need a Divorce Support Team

When going through a divorce, it’s essential to have a divorce support team to help you through what can ultimately be an exhausting process. Since getting a divorce affects multiple aspects of your life, it makes sense to have a variety of team members who can collaborate to help you create the most beneficial outcome for your divorce.


5 Preparations for Separation

Whether you’ve decided to do it on your own or are preparing to work with TruNorth Divorce, there are several things to consider before filing. While there are extensive and pragmatic ways to financially prepare for divorce, much of the emotional preparation is up to you and the daily choices you make during the duration of the proceedings. This guide offers 5 ways to best approach the emotional side of divorce and prepare you for what can be a traumatic event.

5 Steps to Championing Your Divorce

Whichever end you’re on—initiator or responder—you need to decide that divorce will not define you. At the same time, it’s going to be a dominant force in your life for a bit. That bit of time may be short or quite long depending on your circumstances and how you manage the process.

financial advice divorce

Financial Advice to Consider During Your Divorce

After reaching the decision to end a marriage, divorcing couples must do their best to set hard feelings aside and rationally deal with the division of household assets. But, turning attention toward your finances while processing the complicated emotions...

divorce mediation tips

Four Divorce Mediation Tips

The decision to divorce is never easy, but that doesn’t mean that settling your divorce needs to be complicated. Most modern divorces are seen as a division of shared property and the majority of today’s divorces never even enter the court system beyond the basic...

divorce is not for sissies

Divorce is Not for Wimps

Strap in—it’s going to be a rough ride. At one time, not long ago, you were in love and could not imagine a life without them. But something shifted and now here you are contemplating or in the midst of a divorce.

before getting divorced

4 Things to Do BEFORE You Divorce

If you're reading this, then obviously you're thinking about ending your marriage. Before you initiate your divorce, I'm going to ask you to take a few steps to ensure the best outcome for you should you decide to move forward. This is not a decision to be taken lightly and a little preparation can go a long way.

The reality for lots of couples that have invested in each other for many years is that if you're going to end the relationship, you now have to stop thinking emotionally and start thinking financially.

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